[Books currently closed for Artists]
[Available to assist Productions to make new connections]

Over the last year, I’ve founded Robert Solomon Casting to connect Artists, Theatre Companies and Producers. I strongly believe in creating a safe and supportive environment in the entertainment industry. Since our founding, I’ve enlisted 3 Assistant Agents, we have 7 Artists on our books and are currently assisting Productions to expand their horizons.

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We provide support to Artists with a wide range of skills.
Artists are trained with many abilities to help them think outside the box. We can help them find the ideal job for their varied skill set.
Our Artist’s skills include: Actor-Musicians, Aerialists, Comedians, Fighters, Gymnasts, Presenters, Singers and Voice-Over Artists.
Commission – 10% Theatre and 15% Film

We create connections between established parties to expand their business.
We assist Theatre Companies looking to connect with Promotors, Producers and Tour Bookers.
We make an initial introduction, pitch the production and assist negotiations between all parties. We can organise meetings over the phone, video call or in person.
Commission – 5%