Currently touring China as Host for Samajam Kid & Family Music Show.
China: May – August 2019
China: October – November 2019

I am working with Samajam, in association with Grand Boat Culture, touring around China throughout 2019. With our 2 person teams, we deliver an interactive experience for the entire family that is completely unique.
Samajam is a musical interactive production that teaches percussion by giving each audience member a pack that includes a drum, musical tubes, drum sticks and Djembe to use during the show. It is a collective experience that is supported by live Video Games and encourages the audience to play 80% of the show! They learn about rhythms, musical theory, body percussions and world beats from several countries.

Previous Productions


Daisy Chain Entertainment Group

Performed as Buttons
Daisy Chain Entertainment Group
December 2018-April 2019

I performed in my first ever pantomime delivering solo and group comedy in the enigmatic role of Buttons. We toured nationally in theatres, schools and community venues.
This show ignited my love for pure entertainment and joy of touring for a lose and interactive audience. This show require singing, dancing, spots of emotions and droves of improvisational skills.
I’m also very proud to announce that I’ll be taking part in their 2019 pantomime – Rapunzel.

The Sooty Show

Rose Events

Puppeteer for Sooty, Sweep & Soo.
Brean Theme Park
CITV / Rose Events Ltd
March 16th – August 30th 2018

Working with Sooty, Sweep & Soo and Rich Roberts as they entertain families throughout the Easter Holidays.
This involves managing all three chaotic/fun characters, whilst also operating all of the music, sound and effects in the show.
My other duties at Brean Theme Park include assisting Meet & Greets and working as a retail assistant.
The Sooty Show is a true test of my multi-tasking skills.

Dogs Don’t Do Ballet

Little Blue Monster Productions

Biff the ballet dancing pug/Bertha the Ballerina/Usher/Bob the Caretaker.
Little Blue Monster Productions
April – November 2017

I toured with Little Blue Monster Productions for 8 months performing in schools, theatres and outdoor venues throughout the UK.
‘We visited 35 stunning outdoor theatre venues, which included castles, gardens and country houses, and our show was enjoyed by more than 10,000 children and their grown-ups.’
We also completed a month residency at PJ Live Arts, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia working with Gardner & Wife.

The play was based on the award-winning children’s book by Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie and was devised by Bill Davies and the cast. In the show I would play multiple characters, sing, dance, puppeteer and run sound behind the set. The production changed daily depending on the venue and audience. We’d adapt the set, the sequence of scenes and improvise with the audience.

Rainbow Theatre

Samuel Peyps/Thomas Farynor/Plague Doctor
Great Fire of London
November 2018

The Easter Story
March – April 2017

Toured two productions with Rainbow Theatre around the South-West of England taking the Easter Story and Great Fire of London around many schools.
This production had songs, dances and comedy to accompany the foreboding narrative, however the most interesting factor was performing in the round and having 36 children join the show. The cast would brief the children prior to the show and give them costumes, teach them their lines and show them ways to physicalise their roles.

“EASTER STORY has been seen by over 35,000 children over the past SIXTEEN years. The show is suitable for ages from 5 — 12 as Rainbow actors adapt their performance to each individual audience.”

The Polar Express

Dartmoor Railway

Performed as the Conductor
Warner Bros. & Dartmoor Railway
November – December 2016

Worked as the Conductor aboard the magnificent Polar Express in Okehampton, Devon. The train itself has ten carriages and travels three times a day over the Christmas season. Each show the Conductor and his Chefs personally take care of the sixty people within their own train carriage. They sing, dance, serve hot chocolate and cookies, read the Polar Express story, hole-punch tickets and guide the passengers on their journey to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus and his chaotic elves.
Dartmoor Railway also provides accommodation on site for the performers on several sleeper trains which quickly immerses you into the winter wonderland experience!

“Dartmoor Railways Okehampton Station is bringing the magic to life again this Christmas and heading to the North Pole on the amazing Polar Express™ Train Ride. Be sure to arrive on time, the Conductor is waiting and he has a schedule to keep!”

Worst Case Scenario

Concoction Theatre Company

Performed as Jeffrey the Weasel.
Also worked as Writer in the Production Team.
Concoction Theatre Company

3rd-6th August 2016 Cockpit Theatre, Camden Fringe.
23rd-24th July 2016 Apollo Theatre, Isle of Wight.
21st-23rd May 2015 at Clifftown Theatre, Southend.

When the last surviving Dodo, Raphus Cuccullatus, is injured in a road collision with a moterbike, the animal court are made aware of the tangible threat of the extinction of the species.
The Animals of the local community are summoned to court, together with the motorbike and biker in question, to discover the truth of this significant case.
As the story unfolds, secrets are uncovered, tensions increase and the truth, if somewhat chaotic, begins to unravel.
When Judge Nifty reaches the verdict, a surprise plot twist leaves our characters with no choice but to make the inevitable life changing decision.

Dreamworks Penguins of Madagascar Live! Operation: Cheezy Dibbles

Merlin Entertainments

Performed as Dr Octavious Brine.
Also worked as Ranger and Voice-Over
Chessington World of Adventures Resort
Merlin Entertainments
July – September 2016
July – November 2015

Working full-time with Chessington World of Adventures Resort provides a great range of variety day-to-day.
My main role was to perform as Dr Octavious Brine for 3/4 shows a day, however I also worked as a Ranger to assist with Penguin and Octonaut Meet & Greets, and performed Voice-Over roles including Banyan the Elephant Tree and Gozi the Lemur.

Hotel Transylvania

Smile Theatre Company

Performed as Jonathan/Griffin the Invisible Man
Also worked as an English Teacher

Smile Theatre Society
10th January – 26th May 2016

Performed in a forty minute production of ‘Hotel Translyvania’ and provided a workshop to assist the children’s understanding of the text and their knowledge of the english language.
The show toured throughout Italy and provided shows six days a week in various venues including: schools, theatres and amphitheatres. The childrens ages ranged from 8-13 and allowed a real challenge as their knowledge of the language was dependent on their level of education.
The performance itself was enacted using precise gestures and didatic movement to ease the understanding of the text.

Immersive Events

Blackwatch Entertainment

Lord Clarence / Oswald – Murder at the Manor
Captain Bob Upendown – Death & the Maiden Voyage

January – April 2019

Working closely with Tamara Wilder at Blackwatch Entertainment, I’ve completed several Murder Mystery Events across the south-west of the UK.
As a two-person team, we must perform an introductory scene where a murder takes place. The guests continue to eat dinner and between their courses, we conduct dramatic and comedic scenes with them, revealing clues and scandals along the way. At the grand finale, the guests break into teams and deliver their verdict in the most creative way possible.

Bakehouse Factory

Dino-Egg Hunt


Clarks Village
Bakehouse Factory
March 2019

Daphne the Dinosaur interacted throughout Clarks Village and assisted young explorers in their quest to find her lost eggs in March 2016. Each egg revealed a riddle to needed to solved. The prize? A gift from Cadbury’s!
Daphne was 7ft tall with a large, swinging tail. She had a variety of roars and excellent vision to meet all of the explorers. Her neck would shift and roll as she saw them arrive and she’d greet them with her fluttering eye too.

Halloween Unfairground

Grand Pier

Freak Show – Halloween Unfairground
Showman – Show Captain
Grand Pier
October 2018

For my second run as a scare actor, I had the horrific pleasure of supervising and haunting the Grand Pier’s first scare maze – Freak Show. Our maze was filled with crawling tunnels, caged freaks, crazed mystics and madmen with knives and chainsaws.
I would greet our guests, lining them up, spliting into groups of six and warning them sharply that they must not touch any of the actors.
As I ushered them into the dark tunnels of my Freak Show, I’d thrill, excite and scare each group with a loosely scripted speech. By having the opportunity to improvise, I was able to control the timing throughout the rest of the maze. And if I wanted a group to hurry up… then I would simply chase them down the dark tunnels into the waiting arms of our crazed clown!
Performing at the Grand Pier was a true test of my skills and I loved every single second of that terrifying experience.

The Battle of Cambrai

Actors Direct Associates

Lance Corporal Alfred Brisco
Royal Tank Garrison – Tidworth
ADA – Actors Direct Associates
Costume provided by Flame Torbay Costume Hire Ltd
December 2017

For the 100th Anniversary of The Battle of Cambrai, The Royal Tank Garrison commissioned an actor to enter the Officer’s mess and re-tell the event from a soldier’s perspective.
Working with ADA, we collected a selection of text from the soldiers, officers and politicians concerning the Battle and edited them together to create a verbatim speech to be performed.
On the night, I arrived at the Royal Tank Garrison in secret and awaited my signal. Once the Commander’s hammer hit the table, I burst into the room filled with 140 officers. Men, women, partners, old and young, active and retired, all stopped and stared. The room fell silent and I announced myself. Lance Corporal Alfred Brisco. I told his perspective of the harrowing battle for 10 minutes and sung ‘I vow to thee my country’ to the officers.
I wished them all good night and returned an hour later to have photos with them all.
It was the most terrifying experience I’ve had so far as an actor… but it was also the most vital. It was honest and raw and real. I felt honoured to be speaking the words of those who fought for our freedom and pride to be standing beside those who serve us now.
It was a pleasure working with the Royal Tank Garrison, ADA and Flame Torbay.

Charlie & The Chocolate Ball

National Museum Cardiff

Willy Wonka
National Museum Cardiff
Optometry Society
Costume provided by Merlin Entertainments
March 2017

After collecting my tailored costume of Xander from Chessington World of Adventures Resort, I travelled to the National Museum Cardiff to meet the Optometry Society.
I was promptly greeted by the glorious foyer which was decorated pristinely with sweets and vibrant colour. A chocolate fountain adorned one corner and a quaint photo booth was being set up in the other. Caterers bustled past with wine and food and decorations. At the centre of it was a large projection screen ready to award the students from the Optometry Society with photos and memories.
I assisted with laying out the individual gifts for each of the visitors and changed into Mr Willy Wonka. I was accompanied by a pair of Oompa Loompas, faces orange with delight and hair green with envy, as we served out sweets, socialised and greeted the guests upstairs in the art gallery. We travelled down and mingled with them all during the first course and left as the night grew late and the Oompa Loompas required their sleep!

Trick or Treat Woods

Merlin Entertainments

Xander – Show Captain
Worked as a Sound and Light Technician
Chessington World of Adventures Resort
Merlin Entertainments
September – October 2016

Worked over the Halloween season to initially assist in the construction of the two scare attractions at Chessington World of Adventures Resort, ‘Curse of the Lost Tomb’ and ‘Trick or Treat Wood’. This role also consisted of tech support for several of the shows on site including ‘Pandamonium’, ‘Animal Antics’ and the ‘Sea Lion Show’.
Performed as Xander, half fairy and half pixie, acting in charge of ‘Trick or Treat Wood’ but as Show Captain I was actually in charge in reality.
My role was to greet guests into the attraction every two minutes and then decide which of the two paths they would travel down. This allowed an immense deal of solo improvisation and endurance over the two weeks and teamwork as I passed the group onto the next performer.
As Show Captain, I was responsible for the safety of the performers and guests on site during emergency evacuations or be the point of contact for security and management.

Bye Bye Bubbleworks!

Merlin Entertainments

Professor Burp
Chessington World of Adventures Resort
Merlin Entertainments
August – September 2016

Professor Burp led personalised V.I.P tours of Bubbleworks at Chessington World of Adventures Resort to landmark the ride’s departure from the park on 6th September 2016.
He greeted the guests personally and joined them for the final ride of the day at Bubbleworks.
Next he walked them around the ride on foot and revealed a behind-the-scenes look at the changing history, mechanics and narrative of Bubbleworks.

“I have to say, I was very impressed! The guy playing Professor Burp was very funny, but most importantly (and somewhat suprising) he knew his stuff!”

East 15 Acting School Productions

Ghosts of Kantan

Portrayed Dealer 2.
Directed by Franko Figueiredo at East 15 Acting School.
March, 2015

Three short plays by Yukio Mishima, based on classical Japanese Noh dramas, performed as a collection integrating masks, movement and music to tell tales of malevolent spirits, dream-travel and adultery. In this showcase production I assisted with Butoh, Kabuki and Suzuki movement, Shadow and Bunraku puppetry and also helped produce the music. This included percussion and solo singing in Japanese and English.

Revolution – Shortfall

Directed by Jules Tipton at East 15 Acting School
November, 2014

Applied and Political piece revolving around the local and global issue of homelessness. This production utilised ensemble singing, percussion, verbatim, Bunraku puppetry and contemporary movement.

The Bali Tempest

Created by I Nyoman Sedana at East 15 Acting School.
July, 2014

Intercultural production that fused Shakespeare’s The Tempest with the realm of Balinese Culture. With a cast of 45 this production included Balinese Dance-Drama, Kecak, Wayang-Kuilit Shadow Puppetry, Barong, Gamelan and many other facets of the culture.